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Top 7 Benefits of Temping




What is temporary work?

In general terms, a temporary worker is someone who is employed by a company on a non-fixed term basis and is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of time. Employment term may be based on the completion of a project, holiday cover, the availability of funding, or other circumstances. The temporary worker's salary is usually calculated on an hourly rate and is paid through the payroll of the Recruitment Agency, often on a weekly basis. Temporary employees may have the opportunity to achieve permanent employment status after the time period has lapsed, this is often referred to as ‘temp-to-perm’.


Here are just SOME of the benefits of temping:

  • Develop New Skills – You can develop news skills within various working environments and industries
  • Network – It allows you to build up your professional network and connections, often opening the door to opportunities that may not have arisen otherwise
  • Confidence – Temping in various positions for various companies will naturally increase your confidence within the workplace and will benefit you massively when attending job interviews and starting your next permanent job
  • Flexibility - Temporary work is designed to offer complete flexibility to both the employer and the employee. Assignments can vary from 1 day to something as long as 9 months long, meaning you can fit your employment around other plans such as travelling or studies. When starting a temporary assignment, you’ll have a clear idea of the timeframe you are being asked to commit to and can plan around this, giving you complete control (although often candidates will be given the option to extend their temporary assignment).
  • Foot in the Door – Even a short-term temporary assignment can lead to a contract or even a permanent position if the match between candidate and client is spot on. Temping can also be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door with a completely new industry/sector - something you could struggle to achieve when only applying for permanent roles.
  • Time - Temping can allow you ‘try before you buy’ and work with very little commitment and work out what job roles and industries work well for you (and of course those that don’t)! Before committing into something permanently it can be a great way to test the water.
  • Income - It provides an income stream while the "real" job search continues – For those not already currently working temping can help with crucial income before you land your permanent job.


On the whole, temporary employment has many benefits, not only for candidates but for clients also. If you’re thinking of taking up some temporary employment or have any queries just pop our Temporary Consultant Anne-Marie an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.